10 Best Disney World YouTube Channels

By Mike
Partners Statue at Magic Kingdom Park.

Partners Statue at Magic Kingdom Park.

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YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, second only to Google itself. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself watching Disney World videos on YouTube for many more hours than you care to admit. There are just so many binge-worthy Disney World YouTube channels.

Disney World YouTube Channels

Below you’ll find the 10 best Walt Disney World YouTube channels. They’re listed in order from the greatest amount of subscribers to the least. If you like the videos they have to offer, go ahead and subscribe to support their channel.

1. TheTimTracker

TheTimTracker has over 730,000 subscribers.

TheTimTracker, better known by their fans as Tim and Jenn, have been sharing their daily adventures at Walt Disney World and other parks for nearly a decade. You can also find them on their website at TimTracker.com.

2. DFBGuide

DFBGuide has over 430,000 subscribers.

DFBGuide, better known as The Disney Food Blog, focuses on bringing you everything edible in Disney’s parks and resorts. Whether you’re looking to find the best restaurants, meals, or experiences, DFBGuide is a top resource among Disney World fans.

3. DIS Unplugged

DIS Unplugged has over 130,000 subscribers.

DIS Unplugged is a weekly round-table discussion about all things Disney with the Orlando DIS team. Find the latest news, events, and reviews for Walt Disney World. You might also learn a thing or two from their unique and interesting Disney videos.

4. Midway to Main Street (Formerly Rob Plays)

Rob Plays has over 130,000 subscribers.

Midway to Main Street uploads a video or two a week that covers anything from Disney history, to trip vlogs and more. He shares with you his love of all things Disney including films, parks, history, and even the business. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

5. DSNY Newscast

DSNY Newscast has over 120,000 subscribers.

DSNY Newscast publishes two new Disney videos a week on Tuesday and Thursday. They cover everything to do with The Walt Disney Company including construction updates, reviews, movies, and more. You can also find them on DSNYNewscast.com.

6. Mickey Views

Mickey Views has over 79,000 subscribers.

Mickey Views is a news source for all things Walt Disney World and beyond. From news and vlogs, to a weekly Disney Q&A show called The Magic Weekly, they cover everything Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Parks, Star Wars, Marvel, and more.

7. ResortTV1

ResortTV1 has over 79,000 subscribers.

ResortTV1, hosted by Josh and Jenna, cover Walt Disney World with live streams in the parks, vlogs, park tours, and resort hotel tours. Tune in to their live stream on Fridays at 6 or 6:30pm ET. If you like 4K YouTube videos, give these guys a look.

8. Michael Kay

Michael Kay has over 40,000 subscribers.

Michael Kay has a passion for Disney, and has been going to Disney World since he was a kid. He shares his adventures and love for the company by posting new videos daily at 8:00am ET. Everything on his channel is family-friendly, so feel free to share the magic with the kids.

9. WDWMagic

WDWMagic has over 12,000 subscribers.

WDWMagic brings you the most up-to-date news and information about Walt Disney World, and has been since 1996. Check out their YouTube channel for all the latest Walt Disney World has to offer. You can also find them online at WDWMagic.com.

10. IvyWinter

IvyWinter has over 4,200 subscribers.

IvyWinter, better known as Christine, posts new Disney videos every week. She shares Disney World trip planing, vlogs, Disney weddings, and more on her channel. You can also follow her on instagram @IvyWinter. She loves all things Disney and WDW related.

That’s all ten!

YouTube is a great place to learn about Walt Disney World and experience the magic from home. If you’re at one of the parks, it’s an amazing resource for dining tips, park advice, and more. Make sure to subscribe to your favorite channels so you never miss a new video.

What’s your favorite Disney World YouTube channel? Do you have another one we don’t know about that should be included here? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Shellie

    My 2 favorites are Cory Meets World and WDW Couple.
    Cory’s does resort and park live streams and restaurant reviews.
    WDW Couple does a restaurant review every Monday night that’s always fun and informative.

    • Mickey Central

      Hi Shellie. Thanks for mentioning Cory Meets World and WDW Couple! Those are great channels worth adding to this list. They’ll definitely get included.

  2. Roger

    What about AllEars.Net? Molly puts out some great videos and they have more subscribers than many on your list. I’m not sure what they had in December but now it’s almost 100k.

    • Mickey Central

      Hi Roger. Thanks for the suggesting AllEars.net. That’s a lot of subscribers! I’ll add Molly’s channel when I update the post next.

      • Sarah

        Ordinary Adventures!!
        I love their energy and the fact they are just regular people enjoying their time together at Disney. Their Black Kyber Crystal Challenge is a great one to watch.

  3. Sophia

    This is a great list! The Neverland Family is a great channel as well! Their channel is perfect for families since it’s in their kids perspective. Plus, their room tours are the best!

  4. Savanna Thompson

    Happiest Vlogs on Earth & See Ya Reel Soon are also amazing!!

  5. Mike

    RixFlix and PCDev! Also PagingMrMorrow

  6. Hanna K

    davidscointravels is a great channel if you are into WDW pressed pennies


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