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Disney World Tickets

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How to Get Cheap Disney World Tickets

Vacationing to Walt Disney World can be quite costly, so it’s obvious you might want to save some money. There are a number of ways you can save money on Walt Disney World tickets. They range from purchasing through authorized travel partners like Undercover Tourist, to using memberships that you’re already a part of such as AAA or Costco.

We’ve also discovered many others ways you can save money on Disney World tickets, and we share them all with you on this page. Keep reading to learn more.

Discounted Disney World Tickets

Our first and best recommendation is to check out Undercover Tourist. They’re an authorized Walt Disney World ticket seller, an A+ BBB accredited business, and offer a 90 day ticket return. With Undercover Tourist you can save up to $80 on your Walt Disney World tickets right now.

Travel agents cry when they hear “Mickey Central” because they know that we find the best Walt Disney World ticket deals.

5 Ways to Save on Walt Disney World Tickets

✔️ Book as Early as Possible

One of the best ways to ensure you get the best price on Disney World tickets is to book as early as possible. Disney has been consistently raising their prices every year, so booking in advance is ideal. For example, in 2019 a single-day base ticket to visit a Walt Disney World Park jumped to $159 during peak season, up from $139 per adult previously.

Booking in advance as early as possible, could save you up to $20 a ticket. If you’re booking for an entire family, you can see how fast that adds up, especially over multiple days.

✔️ Buy from an Authorized Seller

Authorized sellers, such as Undercover Tourist, are able to sell Disney World tickets at reduced prices. They’re able to do this because they buy tickets in bulk for wholesale prices. They are essentially just passing some of the savings on to you, the customer. The tickets are no different than the ones you’d get at the gate or purchase on Disney’s site.

✔️ Only Buy What You Need

When you’re buying Disney World tickets, it may be enticing to purchase the Park Hopper option. This lets you see more than one park in a single day. However, if you’ve ever been to Disney World, you know seeing an entire park in one day is a feat in itself.

After about four days, you can save money by buying an extra park ticket rather than purchasing the Park Hopper option. Not only will you get an extra day in the park, you’ll also save save some money. This is especially true and will add up even more if you’re staying for more than four days.

✔️ Visit on Non-Peak Dates

In 2018, Disney World moved to a date-based tickets and pricing structure. Some days during the month may be cheaper than others, and peak travel periods tend to be higher. For example, you’ll definitely pay for more tickets around the holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is an easy way to save money on Disney World tickets, and will also help you beat the crowds. This structure was put in place to better distribute attendance throughout the year. Disney World is growing in popularity, so doing this encourages ticket purchases during non-peak times.

✔️ Get Notified About Deals and News

If you’re like me, you don’t have the time to actively search and wait for deals everyday. You have a job, a family, and enough things to do already. It’s also a chore in itself weeding through the junk and false information you find online.

That’s where we come in. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t miss out on Disney World tickets deals is to sign up for the Mickey Central newsletter. Anytime Walt Disney World runs a special promotion, raises ticket prices, or an authorized ticket seller runs a deal, we’ll let you know. Just enter your email address in the box box below and click “I Want In!”.

Common Disney World Ticket Questions

How much are Disney World tickets?

During the lowest non-peak days, tickets currently cost $109. During the highest peak days around holiday’s, a one-day ticket can cost as much as $159. Neither of these options include Park Hopper or Park Hopper plus.

How much are Disney World tickets for Florida residents?

Florida residents can save on 1-day tickets with the Park Hopper option which gives you access to multiple parks in one day. Florida residents can also get a 4-day ticket for as low as $68 per day plus tax. Some block out dates do apply.

Where can I buy Disney World tickets?

Disney World tickets can be bought from a few places. You can purchase them directly from Disney, at the park gate, or through an authorized reseller like Undercover Tourist. Undercover Tourist usually has the best ticket prices.

Do Disney World tickets expire?

Tickets purchased after October 15, 2018 do expire. For more information about Disney World ticket expiration, please visit: