Why Bob Iger is the Right Fit for Disney

by Dom
November 28, 2022
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Disney recently made a major shake-up in its executive ranks, replacing former CEO Bob Chapek with Bob Iger. This change has many wondering why Disney decided to make such a drastic move—and whether this is a good thing or not. Let’s dig into the details and explore what led to this decision.

Disney’s Decision to Change CEOs

Bob Chapek had been CEO of Disney since 2020 and was largely credited with leading the company through some tough times in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the success he achieved during his time at the helm, there were some who felt that he wasn’t the right fit for Disney going forward.

Enter Bob Iger. Iger brings with him an impressive resume that includes roles such as President of ABC Television, Chairman of Walt Disney International, and of course, President of Walt Disney Studios. He also spearheaded some major acquisitions for Disney during his first tenure, including Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm Ltd, and 21st Century Fox. The acquisition of Fox by Iger is ironically is responsible for their tremendous debt today. However, Iger’s past experience as Disney CEO gives him a unique perspective on how to navigate Disney through difficult times—and it appears that this is exactly what Disney needs now more than ever.

Minnie and Mickey at Goofy at Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party.
Minnie and Mickey at Goofy at Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party.

The Benefits of Having Bob Iger as CEO

Having someone like Iger at the top means that he will be able to use his experience and knowledge to make smart decisions that will benefit both investors and customers alike. His presence will signal strength and stability in an otherwise tumultuous time for the company due to poor movie sales, making Disney+ profitable, and a growing number of complaints from theme park guests. Finally, he can help solidify relationships between Disney and other high-level organizations such as movie theaters and Imagineers – two things that could prove invaluable in maintaining success within their respective industries going forward.

Long Story Short

Ultimately, only time will tell if hiring Bob Iger was a good move for Disney or not – but it certainly seems like a step in the right direction for them. With all of his experience under his belt, it will be interesting to see how he helps guide the company through these unprecedented times. We wish him all the best in this new role!

Written by Dom

Dom is fascinated with the magic and scale of Walt Disney World and visits the parks as often as he can.

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