Everything you need to know about Tron Lightcycle Power Run

by Dom
January 15, 2023

Are you ready to experience the ride of your life? If not, get ready to experience a real light cycle race on Tron Lightcycle Power Run, opening April 4th at the Magic Kingdom! This high-speed, heart-pounding attraction is sure to be one of the most thrilling rides in all of Disney World. So buckle up and get ready for an adrenaline rush like no other!

“The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then one day… I got in.”

Kevin Flynn, ENCOM CEO (1983-1989)

The Ride Experience

Tron Lightcycle Power Run (sometimes written as “TRON Lightcycle / Run”) is a coaster-style attraction that will take riders on an incredible journey through a digital world inspired by Disney sci-fi film TRON: Legacy. Guests will sit down and lean forward on sleek motorcycle-inspired light cycles as they join Team Blue in a high-speed adventure across the Grid; the jet-black, digital world without horizons.

On the Grid, the stakes are high and victory is within reach. Race your way through 8 hazardous Energy Gates to secure your team’s chance of survival with a win. You’ll need quick reflexes and sharp strategy if you want outpace your opposing Programs! Nothing matters more than that final surge past them in an attempt to achieve ultimate glory, so come prepared with your best foot forward. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get ready to hit those gates!

With a top speed of 59mph (95kph), TRON Lightcycle Power Run is now one of the fastest coasters at any Disney theme park worldwide! That’s faster than Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (57mph/92kph) for those of you keeping track at home.

Below is a video of what you can expect when riding Tron Lightcycle Power Run. This video is from Shanghai Disneyland but the experience in Florida will be identical in nearly every way. Those who are brave enough to take on this challenge will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Tomorrowland from high above its rooftops!

Tron Lightcycle Power Run Ride Experience

It’s truly an unforgettable ride experience. The exhilarating twists and turns make this ride perfect for both families and roller coaster enthusiasts looking for a unique twist and new coaster credits.

Mandatory Lockers

Due to the unique forward-leaning seated position on each light cycle, guests will be required to store any loose items inside temporary lockers located at the attraction’s entrance before they enter the queue. This is a first for any rollercoaster at Disney World but not uncommon if you’ve ridden roller coasters elsewhere. Fortunately these lockers should be easy enough to use and provide great safety for your belongings and guests that you’re about to zoom past on a light cycle.

What is TRON, anyways?

When Disney released the first TRON in 1982, the groundbreaking blend of live action and computer-generated footage opened the door for a new era of moviemaking. Little did we know at the time that this sci-fi masterpiece would go on to revolutionize entertainment; inspiring video games, comic books, a 2010 blockbuster sequel, an animated series and even its very own roller coaster—the latter of which cements its status as an indelible part of pop culture & theme park lore. Now almost four decades later, Disney’s digital-defying vision continues to showcase a future that is way ahead of its time.

TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer (2010)

Safety Protocols & Accessibility

As always, safety is paramount at Disney World, so guests can rest assured that they’ll be taken care of when it comes to riding Tron Lightcycle Power Run. The ride has been designed with multiple safety protocols in place, including locking bars that keep riders securely in their seats as they race across the Grid.

Most guests will be seated leaning forward, however, to make the attraction accessible for guests of all abilities and shapes, traditional lap bar seating will be available in the last car in the style of a light runner. Additionally, all riders must be at least 48″ inches tall.

Get Ready for the Thrill of a Lifetime – Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Magic Kingdom

Are you ready to take on one of the most exciting attractions at Disney World? Hop aboard Tron Lightcycle Power Run and experience a thrill like no other! With its safety protocols in place and its epic views as you race by Tomorrowland, this is sure to become a fan favorite at Disney World—so don’t miss out! Make sure you check it out when it opens April 4th, 2023 at the Magic Kingdom!

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