Rainy Days at Disney: Indoor Activities & What to Wear

Many hotels on property feature full-fledged arcades.

Due to its subtropical climate, it rains very frequently in Florida. Thunderstorms happen almost daily during the summer months. Even the most magical place on Earth experiences bad weather. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good day in the parks, you just have to be prepared and get creative. I’ve got some tips to help you make the most of a rainy Disney day.

Focus on Indoor Activities

My first tip is to do indoor attractions and rides that take a while. During thunderstorms/rain showers, wait times will often decrease because many guests head back to their resorts.

Magic Kingdom

For the Magic Kingdom, The Hall of Presidents is a good place to hide out from the rain. The Hall of Presidents is a 25 minute long show where audio animatronics of 45 (no Grover Cleveland) US Presidents tell their stories, from the formation of the constitution to the Gettysburg Address. You can also enjoy the adorable rainy day cavalcade (If you don’t know what a cavalcade is, it’s just a short parade). Beware, the song will get stuck in your head!


For EPCOT, I recommend the American Adventure. This is a 28 minute show in the American pavilion in the World Showcase. Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin guide you through American history all the way from the pilgrims to the Great Depression. Some notable figures featured are Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglas, and Thomas Jefferson, just to name a few.

Hollywood Studios

For Hollywood Studios, I suggest For the First Time in Forever, the Frozen sing-a-long. This is an hour long show where the Royal Historians of Arendelle retell the story of the iconic Disney film. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff even make an appearance to sing along with the audience! With plenty of pop culture references and humor that both the kiddos and adults can appreciate, this show is perfect for families.

Animal Kingdom

For Animal Kingdom, Festival of the Lion King is a must see. Celebrate with Simba and friends in this spectacular acrobatic performance that includes the upbeat “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” to the romantic “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. Audience participation is a key part of the show. Festival of the Lion King is 30 minutes long.

Another way to ride out the rain is the animation experience at Raffiki’s Planet Watch. A Disney animator guides you step by step through drawing your favorite Disney characters. You do not have to be an amazing artist to do this. Plus, the final product is good memorabilia from your trip.

Disney Springs

For Disney Springs, there are plenty of restaurants and shops to ride out the rain in. My personal favorite restaurant is Art Smith’s Homecoming. This restaurant is southern themed, with food such as fried chicken and thigh high chicken biscuits (I highly recommend these). Be aware that this is a very popular restaurant, so you may have to wait. Disney Springs is also home to an AMC movie theater where you can catch all the latest flicks.

AMC DINE-IN Theater at Disney Springs
AMC DINE-IN Theater at Disney Springs

Activities at the Resorts

There are also Children’s Activities Centers at some of the resorts: The Polynesian, Beach Club, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the Dolphin. The centers offer a plethora of activities and toys to keep the kiddos entertained. There are also gyms and spas available in the deluxe resorts. Also, a few of the deluxe resorts have community centers, with activities such as pool and ping-pong. You can also rent out movies and board games.

Many hotels on property feature full-fledged arcades.
Many hotels on property feature full-fledged arcades. Photo courtesy @WDWdrunktrooper

If you choose to go back to your resort, there are plenty of fun things to do. Most deluxe resorts have arcades for the kids, as well as the All-Star resorts.

Dress for the Mess!

My second biggest tip is to dress for the mess. Rain gear is going to be essential to your packing list. If you pack properly, even the heaviest rain won’t be able to stop you.

  • Ponchos are a pro move. They’re much cheaper to purchase before your trip vs buying them in the parks! You’re going to want something thick, and made of a good quality material.
  • You’re obviously going to want to pack a collapsible umbrella. Look for one that’s durable against the wind, and that is compact.
  • You can also wear swimsuits that double as summer outfits. For the women, tankinis with a pair of shorts can make a super cute outfit. For the men, a pair of swim trunks and a swim tee will get the job done. Not only are they relatively comfortable when wet, they dry quicker too.
  • Water shoes are also a good idea. One of our reporters said that they experienced a rainy day at Animal Kingdom, but wearing water shoes made the experience better. They benefited from the lower crowds. Plus, the animals prefer rainy days.
  • If you have a little one in your party, you should pack a stroller rain cover.
The animals in safari actually prefer rain!
The animals in safari actually prefer rain!

Additional Tips

Arrive Early

Another tip I have is to arrive at the parks as early as possible. Rainstorms in Florida typically happen during the afternoon, so it’s wise to get as much as done as possible in the morning. This is an especially good idea for parks such as Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, which have a lot of outdoor rides. On the contrary, you can also head to the parks later in the day, after the rain passes.

Check the Weather Often

Having a trustworthy weather app is very important during a vacation, especially in a place like Florida where the weather is so unpredictable. Some of the most popular weather apps are AccuWeather, which shows you the forecast down to the minute-and Carrot Weather, which brings some personality to your weather report. I’d also be remiss if I forgot to mention Mickey Central’s very own Orlando weather page complete with live conditions, radar, and 7 day forecast. Make sure to check the weather the night before and the morning of your park day.

Transportation Advice

Another topic I want to discuss is transportation. If you’re using the Skyliner, know that it does shut down if there is lightning in the area, so you may have to take the bus. Although the Skyliner is convenient if you’re staying at the Riviera or Caribbean Beach, safety always comes first.

In Review

Umbrellas are highly recommended for any trip to Disney World
Umbrellas are highly recommended for any trip to Disney World

As I said before, rain doesn’t have to ruin your day in Disney. There are actually some benefits, such as lower crowds and lower chance of sunburns in the intense Florida sun. There are plenty of shops, shows and restaurants to pass the time in. Make sure to pack the right gear as well. Of course sunny days are ideal, but just follow this advice and your rainy day can be just as magical!

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Written by Mckenna Vincelette

Mckenna holds a deep affection for Disney stemming from her inclusion in the Disney College Program back in 2021. Writing captivates her, and she aspires to contribute to Walt Disney World Magazine. She also runs a personal blog, "Mckenna Adores the Mouse." During her leisure hours, she enjoys reading, Netflix binging, and socializing with loved ones.

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