Mickey Central Is Getting a Fresh New Look!

by Dom
September 9, 2023
Mickey Central Is Getting a Fresh New Look!

Since starting Mickey Central in 2018, I’ve been constantly fine-tuning the site, enhancing the user experience, and overall interaction. However, in 2023, I decided it was time for a complete Mickey Central brand makeover to give it a fresh, lively, and evolved vibe.

Inspired by the tagline “Walt Disney World Updates & More!”, my goal was to create a new look that not only exudes credibility as a reliable news source but also captures the essence of fun and modern energy.

New Logo

Mickey Central logo old and new
Old/New Mickey Central logos

The journey to create the new logo was an extensive one, taking months of brainstorming. After experimenting with various designs that deviated from castles, I realized that the castle is synonymous with Mickey Central. Therefore, I set out to create a better logo and wordmark. In the end, I opted for a bold yet simple look featuring the castle, accompanied by captivating sparkles/fireworks. To complete the visual overhaul, I incorporated vibrant and brighter blue hues, infused it with energetic typefaces, and applied a custom WordPress theme and new social media graphics.

New Web Design

To prioritize articles, I developed a custom web design that ensures seamless browsing across both desktop computers and iPhones. Moreover, I recently introduced full dark mode support for compatible devices.

New Mickey Central website. Featuring dark mode.
New Mickey Central website. Featuring dark mode.

New Twitter Graphics

For Twitter, I crafted a striking header image that represents “Walt Disney World Updates & More!” It showcases a compilation of pictures featuring every park, as well as the Skyliner and monorail, all in one captivating display.

Mickey Central Twitter design
Mickey Central Twitter design

Additionally, I’ve been consistently creating various collateral materials and support imagery for the brand, including captivating social media posts and engaging video graphics.

Stay tuned for all the exciting updates that Mickey Central has in store!

Written by Dom

Dom is fascinated with the magic and scale of Walt Disney World and visits the parks as often as he can.

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