Disney Collectors Stunned: Fridge Magnets Discontinued

by Dom
July 9, 2024

If you’re a Disney enthusiast or a frequent visitor to their iconic theme parks, you’ve likely noticed a glaring absence in the merchandise aisles lately. Disney World and Disneyland have officially stopped selling fridge magnets. This unexpected move has left many collectors and fans puzzled and disappointed.

Why the Removal?

Disney has not made an official statement detailing the reasons behind the decision to discontinue fridge magnets. However, several theories are circulating among fans. Some speculate it could be related to supply chain issues or a strategic shift in their merchandise offerings. Others believe it might be because many modern fridges no longer come with a magnetic surface.

The Impact on Guests

For many, Disney fridge magnets were more than just a souvenir; they were a piece of magic to bring home. These magnets often featured beloved characters, iconic attractions, and special events, making them highly sought-after collectibles. Many of them were annual magnets, featuring the current year, making them a memorable addition to yearly trips. The removal of these items signifies the end of an era and leaves a notable gap in the collections of Disney enthusiasts.

Current Disney World magnet offering is limited to 1 design.

What’s Replacing the Magnets?

While Disney has removed these popular items, they have introduced more vinyl car magnets. The soft, floppy kind. However, for those who cherished the simplicity and charm of a fridge magnet, these new offerings may not quite fill the void.

Alternatives for Collectors

If you’re a collector looking to complete your set or find a specific magnet, there are still options available. Online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay or dedicated Disney collector groups on social media may have what you’re looking for. Trading with fellow enthusiasts can be a fun and engaging way to find those elusive pieces. Some people even recommend glueing magnets to the back of Disney pins! Additionally, there did seem to be a small selection of those soft magnets for cars, if that’s more your thing.

End of an Era

While the decision to stop selling fridge magnets at Disney World and Disneyland is surprising, it hasn’t diminished the magic of the parks. For Disney enthusiasts, the thrill of collecting and the joy of bringing home a piece of the magic will continue, albeit in new forms.

If you’re a fan affected by this change, keep the conversation going. Who knows? Maybe Disney will listen to its loyal fans and bring back these cherished magnets.

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Written by Dom

Dom is fascinated with the magic and scale of Walt Disney World and visits the parks as often as he can.

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