Tiana’s Bayou Adventure: Splashy Debut or Slippery Slope?

by Dom
June 1, 2024
Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Splashy Debut or Slippery Slope?

When Disney announced Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, many fans were eager to see how the beloved characters from “The Princess and the Frog” would be brought to life in a ride. Recently, Disney shared a full ride-through POV of the attraction at Walt Disney World, sparking a wave of reactions from fans and critics alike. As someone who genuinely wanted to give this attraction a fair chance, I find myself grappling with disappointment.

Let’s take a closer look at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, it’s origins, discuss whether it lived up to its hype, and it’s implications for the parks as a whole.

The Concept

At its core, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a boat ride through the bayou as guests join Tiana and Louis on their search for musical friends for a celebration at the end of the attraction. On paper, this sounds like an exciting and immersive experience, especially for fans of the film.

Concept art for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure: a "Princess and the Frog" themed replacement for Splash Mountain in Disney World and Disneyland.
Concept art for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure: a “Princess and the Frog” themed replacement for Splash Mountain in Disney World and Disneyland. . Credit: Disney

Holding Out Hope

Over the past few months, I was cautiously optimistic, willing to give the ride a fair chance. However, after watching the full ride-through (I will be riding it on opening day, too), I can’t help but feel let down. The biggest issue? There’s no narrative or conflict driving the experience.

In execution, I don’t find it to be as charming. The scenery and many of the animatronics are no doubt beautifully designed and detailed, but there are some poorly placed screens and the ride lacks a strong narrative and sense of adventure. It feels like a rushed journey from one scene to another without any real purpose or connection.

Comparing to Splash Mountain

Comparing Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to Splash Mountain is challenging but doable. Splash Mountain was an iconic ride with a unique storyline that captivated audiences for decades. The absence of a compelling narrative in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is disheartening. It feels as though the ride is a series of disjointed scenes, cluttered with animatronic figures in some sections and awkwardly empty in others.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they used the musical assets from the film effectively, falling short of the catchy “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” we’ve all come to love. The suspense and dramatic tension that made Splash Mountain so memorable are also glaringly absent here.

Budget Constraints and Imagineering Challenges

It’s evident that budget constraints played a significant role in shaping the final product. I can’t blame the Imagineers for the shortcomings of this attraction; they worked with what they were given. During the pandemic park closures of 2020, a lot of Imagineering talent was laid off or quit, leading to a shift in specialties and experience.

Observers on Twitter were quick to point out that many of the new animatronics have less articulation and movement compared to Splash Mountain. While important show scenes were replaced by cheap screens. It seems most of the budget was allocated to the finale scene (more on that later), leaving other parts of the ride feeling underdeveloped.

Replacing ominous animatronics with a screen right before the big drop feels cheap.
Replacing ominous animatronics with a screen right before the big drop feels cheap.

Corporate Influence: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

One of the most glaring issues is the corporate influence over the attraction. It’s clear that executives had too many hands on this project. I believe that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure was influenced by political motives, potentially missing out on the opportunity to introduce a completely new Tiana ride in any of the four theme parks, addressing the pressing capacity needs.

Instead, it appears that the primary driving force behind Tiana’s Bayou Adventure was to replace Splash Mountain, raising questions about the rationale behind this decision. Many visitors enjoyed Splash Mountain, appreciating its iconic status and unique storyline. Recently, Disney seems to be increasingly focused on creating rides based solely on recent movies and TV shows, a trend known as intellectual property rides.

These costly re-themes of existing rides don’t even contribute to the expansion of the park or introducing genuinely new experiences without removing existing beloved attractions. It’s a cycle that seems to prioritize profits and politics over the magic of Disney. While it’s understandable that Disney wants to capitalize on the popularity of its franchises, it’s disappointing to see the lack of originality and creativity in the recent additions to their theme parks.

The Real Motivation

One cannot help but question the true motivation behind Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. It seems evident that the primary goal was to replace Splash Mountain rather than to create an entirely new and exciting attraction. This decision appears politically motivated, driven by a desire to address newly controversial elements of Splash Mountain’s 1946 origin story, Song of the South, rather than to expand the park’s offerings. This trend of replacing classic rides with new intellectual property-based attractions, without adding capacity, is concerning.

Missed Opportunities

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure had the potential to be something magical and revered without the legacy of Splash Mountain over it. In fact, it deserved that. With an incredible selection of music from The Princess and the Frog at their disposal, Imagineers missed a golden opportunity to enhance the ride’s atmosphere. The lack of voodoo or magic elements further detracts from the overall experience. The ride’s pacing is another area where it falls short. There is no tension building up to the final drop, making the experience feel much different than Splash Mountain.

I suggested a solution to address the perceived issues with Splash Mountain by proposing a modern Pixar movie featuring the Splash Mountain characters with a fresh storyline. Simultaneously, this approach aimed to enhance the ride itself. By implementing this idea, Disney could have not only revamped the ride but also potentially created a successful blockbuster movie based on Splash Mountain. Though not flawless, my proposal was grounded in realism.

Comparison of finale scenes between Tiana's Bayou Adventure and Splash Mountain.
Comparison of finale scenes between Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Splash Mountain.

One aspect that stands out for me pertains to the finale scene. The emotional resonance of Br’er Rabbit’s triumphant escape from peril and warm homecoming seems to have dissipated. The replacement scene, while vibrant, feels overwhelming with its multitude of elements, making it challenging to pinpoint where to direct attention. Moreover, the absence of the expansive water space contributes to a sense of confinement indoors, rather than the original outdoor ambiance intended for the setting.

Furthermore, the removal of Splash Mountain’s remarkable show boat raises questions. It is puzzling why the show boat, a significant element reflective of New Orleans culture, was eliminated. Retaining such an iconic feature could have served as a respectful homage to the ride’s rich heritage.

Conclusion: A Slippery Slope

In conclusion, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure falls more towards a slippery slope rather than a splashy debut. The absence of a compelling narrative, suspense, and the magic that defined Splash Mountain is glaring. And instead of expanding the park’s capacity and creating something truly new, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure feels like a politically motivated replacement. All the while, replacing an iconic beloved ride with yet more movie IP.

Fans and critics alike will undoubtedly continue to debate the merits of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. As we reflect on this new attraction, it serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the magic, creativity, and storytelling that have made Disney theme parks beloved by generations. Let’s hope that future attractions will learn from this re-theme.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure
Tiana’s Bayou Adventure
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